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Assessment and Documentation for Quality ECE


The Ounce Scale

Introduction to Work Sampling for Head Start, Fifth Edition

The Boehm Test of Basic Concepts-3

List of additional Pearson Clinical Past Webinars

Assessments, Standards and Curriculum Continuums

Ages and Stages Questionnaire

DRDP (2015) A Developmental Continuum from Early Infancy to Kindergarten Entry Calibration Version
For use with infants and toddlers
For use with preschool-age children

California Preschool Learning Foundations Volume 1

California Preschool Learning Foundations Volume 2

NJ Early Childhood Standards and NJ Birth to Three Standards

California Standards

Young Children Articles

Choosing an Appropriate Assessment System, Amy Shillady,YC, Jan. 2004

Beyond Outcomes: How Ongoing Assessment Supports Children’s Learning and Leads to Meaningful Curriculum,(The Ounce Scale), Diane Trister Dodge, Cate Heroman, Julia Charles, and Jessica Maiorca

The Power of Documentation in the Early Childhood Classroom, Hilary Seitz,YC, March 2008

Experiences from the Field: New Insights into Infant/Toddler Assessment
Margo Dichetelmiller, Laura Ensler, January 2004

Infants & Toddlers -Appropriate and Meaningful Assessment and Family-Centered Programs by James Elicker and Mary Benson McMullen, YC, July 2013

Remaking Classroom Assessment With The Work Sampling System, Samuel Meisels, YC, July 1993

Ensuring Cultural and Linguistically Appropriate Assessment of Young Children, Rosa Milagros Santos, YC, January 2004

When Teachers Are Learning, Children Are Too: Teaching Teachers about Assessment, Sandra Heidemann, Claire Chang, Beth Menninga, YC, May 2005, Vol. 60 / No. 3 / Pgs. 86-92

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When Teachers Are Learning, Children Are Too: Teaching Teachers about Assessment
by Sandra Heidemann, Claire Chang, Beth Menninga, YC, May 2005, Vol. 60 / Num. 3 / Pg. 86-92
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